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We’re not just a boutique agency; we’re a member of your team.


Digital HI Marketing is a Boutique Internet Marketing Agency in Honolulu, Hawaii.             

Digital HI Marketing is owned and led by Matt Fujieki an experienced entrepreneur, marketer, and business owner. Matt spearheads each project taken on and leads the way with an international team and partner agencies – providing a wealth of expertise and experience in Digital Marketing and Business Operations. 

Matt is motivated to provide each customers with superior quality, expertise, customer service, and value. Matt and his international team have decades of combined experience, including working with big name global brands and handling million dollar budgets. 

Digital HI Marketing is dedicated to serving our clients with honest dependable service that you can trust.


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Matt Fujieki


Matt is a local boy that dreamt big. He left the islands in 2008 to pursue an Executive MBA in Vietnam from the University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business. Upon completion, with two of his classmates, opened Häagen-Dazs Shops Vietnam. With a master franchise deal for the entire country, they opened 5 shops across Ho Chi Minh City. Matt built and led a team of over 100 employees. As the managing director he oversaw Operations, HR, Supply chain, Finance, and Sales & Marketing. His challenge was to build and lead a cross-functional team that could effectively drive the business.

Matt had a large feat ahead of him. To launch a world renowned, super-premium brand in an emerging market. To introduce and build a luxury brand in a completely new market was not an easy task. Nearly a megacity with almost 10 million people, Ho Chi Minh city is also a highly competitive marketplace with aggressive and marketing savvy competitors. Matt realized then, the extreme importance of digital marketing, and so decided to invest heavily in it. 

Matt built a complete internal marketing team, he hired marketing staff, specialists, and agencies to work alongside his team and teach them. From scratch, they grew their facebook to over 150.000 local followers. They aggressively produced content, ran social media ad campaigns, synergized their online-to-offline sales, and built-out an online D2C sales channel. After  a significant run in Vietnam, Matt exited the business In 2019 and decided to return home to Hawaii to be near family. So now what?

I knew I wanted to provide something of value from my experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. Upon being back home, I saw gaps in knowledge, skill, and limited offerings at an affordable price. Frankly, the digital marketing options were limited and many were not that great. I knew I could provide value with my experience and expertise to local businesses here, especially during a time when everything needs an online presence and investing in internet marketing is critical.

So why did I decide to start a boutique internet marketing agency? I had worked with and alongside many digital marketers and marketing agencies where I experienced poor service, lacking results, high costs, unaligned goals, and different motivations. Further, there was usually a disconnect between the service being provided and our in-house team and culture. My goal is to create a boutique agency that understands your business and goals, can get you results, provides you attention and good service, and feels like an in-house extension of your team.


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